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BCV co-founders Eric Cohen and Jonathan Blumenthal on the cover of Metro Weekly.

BCV Board (Ken Moore, Angela Huffaker, Phil Carson, Christine Bartle, Lissa Mantell, Eric Cohen, and Jonathan Blumenthal; not pictured: Russell Foster, Heather Rothenberg):


The Board includes Jonathan Blumenthal, Eric Cohen, Christine Bartle, Phillip Carson, Russell Foster, Angela Huffaker, Lissa Mantell, Ken Moore, and Heather Rothenberg. In addition, we have a BurGREENdy Committee (Adam Dahl, Chair). Janie DeVries is the Treasurer for BCV.

Biographies for the Board members follow:

  • Jonathan Blumenthal is co-founder and President of the Board of BCV. He lives in Silver Spring with his husband, Eric Cohen, and basset hound, Jasper.  Jonathan's day job is at the National Institutes of Health, where he is a research psychologist. He has recently taken up photography as a hobby and created GayParazzi, a social LGBT photo group.
  • Eric Cohen is Vice President and co-founder of BCV, and currently is a co-chair of the Social Committee. He is also the husband of Jonathan Blumenthal. As much as he gives to the organization, he feels he gets it all back, and then some - in the great volunteer experiences and the wonderful people he meets. By day, Eric works as an Information Technology manager for the Federal Government.
  • Christine Bartle is a healthcare project consultant for the Advisory Board Company in Washington, DC.  Moving to DC about two years ago, Christine found BCV as an organization that caught her eye and sparked her attention. In Christine’s words, “Every day I am constantly thinking about how I can make this world a better place.  What is my role in ensuring this world is as great as I know it can be?  Community service. BCV is such an exemplary organization, and am proud to call myself a Board member.” Christine would like to continue BCV’s values through the community service and social awareness.  It is truly a passion she shares and is excited to be a part of the organization.  She currently lives with her partner, Jen, in the Dupont area where they enjoy bike riding, running, swimming, working out, dancing and friends.
  • Phillip Carson is an attorney and CPA with a national trade association.  Before moving to DC, Phil spent most of his professional career in Chicago, working for a major public accounting firm and later for a major airline.  In his spare time, he volunteered with a variety of community organizations, including the Cabrini-Green Tutoring Program and Junior Achievement.  Those experiences have helped drive his concern for youth at risk.  He is very happy to be joining the BCV at a time when the U.S. President is calling for a renewed commitment to community service.  He is pleased to see that BCV continues to lead the way in volunteerism, assisting with a diverse community of needs.  Just as BCV has recently extended its efforts to senior citizens, Phil hopes there will be a way for BCV volunteers to help the other end of the spectrum, the students of the DC school system.  There are many challenges there and Phil will be looking for ways BCV can assist the struggling school system while providing a rewarding opportunity for BCV volunteers.
  • Russell Foster is a federal contractor who also holds a Virginia real estate license. He's an Army brat who considers his hometown to be Augusta, GA, where his mother is from. He lived in Richmond from 1983 until 1992 when he moved to Northern Virginia and currently resides in Arlington. In Russell's own words, "I started volunteering with BCV in March of 2003 and have found it to be a great way to meet new people and make new friends. You'll find me acting as the BCV Coordinator at DC Central Kitchen every second Sunday of the month. I enjoy my role as Coordinator in that it allows me to walk around making sure that everyone is having fun and is comfortable, which lets me avoid any real work. Kidding, kidding......."
  • Angela Huffaker is a program management consultant for the Department of Energy.  She grew up in Massachusetts with a mother who was always volunteering to organize the local events and it has definitely rubbed off.  Angela moved to DC 6 years ago and found BCV to be the best, and most rewarding, way to get to know the LGBT community of DC.  There are so many amazing and diverse people involved with the organization, it’s impossible to volunteer and not meet someone new and exciting. She is honored to be selected for the board of BCV and looks forward to volunteering in this new capacity.
  • Lissa Mantell is honored and thrilled to be joining the Board of Burgundy Crescent Volunteers. Originally from Philadelphia, she is a social worker at a special ed high school in DC helping kids with behavior problems.  She has lived in Silver Spring, MD for the past 10 years and loves the connection BCV makes between the GLBT community and the greater DC community at-large.  When not trying to save the children, Lissa loves cooking with friends, trying new things at the gym, watching all kinds of movies and being out and about in the area.
  • Ken Moore grew up just outside the beltway in Maryland ("PG represent!"). Having escaped the country for university in Nova Scotia, he returned to DC in 2007 to be an editor for a weekly science newsmagazine. Since then, he has volunteered through BCV in various capacities and has developed a strong loyalty to BCV and its volunteers because of their impressive professionalism and engaging personalities. Ken is on the Men's Social Committee and co-chairs the BurGREENdy committee, and through BCV, he became involved in co-chairing the 2010 Pride Green committee for Capital Pride Alliance. In his spare time (after work and volunteering), he enjoys gardening, blogging as The Indoor Garden(er), baking ridiculous carb-loaded pastries, practicing parkour, and running DC State Fair as a founding member of the board.
  • Heather Rothenberg is a relatively recent DC transplant, born and raised in Miami and having spent the 15 years before DC in Western Massachusetts.  Heather first discovered BCV right after she moved to the area and was looking for volunteer opportunities.  Now, in addition to participating in a variety of BCV events, she also volunteers with the Whitman Walker Clinic's behavioral health program.  An engineer and analyst by training and a policy junkie in practice, Heather works for the federal government.  In her free time she enjoys playing softball and volleyball, food (eating more than cooking), and exploring all that her DC neighborhood has to offer.  

If you have any questions or would like to make a contribution, please contact our Board President or Treasurer.